The NIDBA will try to accommodate most anyone to race with us. If your equipment has not been covered in our rules and/or you feel your equipment does fit in one of our classes, please feel free to contact us. We will make arrangements to have your equipment inspected by the ORC for safety and provide you with a class assignment.

All inspections must be completed before the day of racing. The only exception will be for out of town and single event racers. If you are coming in for a race, or special event, please contact us in advance. We will make special arrangements for you.

The NIDBA outboard category is governed by the Outboard Racing Committee (ORC). Any questions or comments should be brought to their attention directly.

Bill Gohr, NIDBA Vice President | billgohr@aol.com | Tel: 847-356-3245 | Cell: 847-274-9378

Kris Shepard, NIDBA Referee | racershep46@att.net | Cell: 847-226-5606

Ron Brandt, NIDBA ORC |  brandtracing@gmail.com | Cell: 414-378-3182

Dave Poole, NIDBA ORC | poolev8@comcast.com | Cell: 847-431-9274


    • Pro Sport is an entry-level class for new racers. Entries in this class must be inspected and class assigned for competition prior to race day.
    • Minimum required equipment includes: Foot, Throttle, single kill Switch (which kills the external fuel pump and the engine), any life jacket and leg straps ie. Bass Pro or 100mph ski vest, Snell approved helmet, long sleeves and long pants. Other safety guidelines may apply, see General Race Rules.
    • Pro Sport is basically a single engine class, other boats may be allowed with pre-race day approval by the ORC and other drivers of the class.
    • V6 powered hulls must be Bass Boat or Sport Boat based. No race boat or boats from higher classes will be allowed. Smaller single engine boats may be allowed in “race” configuration with prior approval from the ORC.
    • Boats must meet USCG safety requirements. ie. Fire extinguisher, Navigation lights, etc. No race rigging or small fuel cells.
    • Any recreational engine allowed with the exception of Mercury Racing 2.5EFI 260/280. 300XS Optimax, 300X.
    • All engines must maintain stock under-hood configuration including electronics, rev limiter, flywheel, air intakes and mechanical specs for the model it is registered to compete at.
    • The only universally allowed modifications are:
        • Low water pick up nosecones
      1. • Stiff motor mounts
    1. • After market reed pedals
  • No Nitrous
  • No trim timers
  • Previous High Points Champions may not be eligible for further competition.

The ORC reserves the right to require weight additions if necessary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SUPER STOCK OUTBOARD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Super Stock is basically the next step up in the class chain, all boat and safety rules are the same as Pro Sport. The difference                        is the engine rules, this class allows for minor modifications to your engine as well as certain recreational HP engines not                                  allowed in Pro Sport such as the Mercury 300x. All entries will have to be inspected by the ORC for eligibility for this class.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        LAKE RACER OUTBOARD

    • Hulls: Any open cockpit, full interior production hull designed and manufactured for seating a minimum of four adults. Side steering only with the exception of bass boats with working livewells and trolling motor wiring which may be center steer. Trolling motors must be removed and full factory interior must be in place during racing. For a single rear factory bench seat to be considered two seats, the rear bench seat must accommodate an inspector and the driver comfortably.
    • Engines:
        • No Mercury S3000/Drag Motors
      1. • Only OEM outboard motor components from like manufacturer may be used unless specifically noted. Powerheads and components must be or have been available to the public via a traditional dealer or engine manufacturer including high performance divisions.
      1. • Natural aspirations only. No nitrous, no bottles in the boat.
      1. • No modifications to ports between the piston top and head when piston in at bottom dead center. No adding or subtracting of material to the exhaust port area or exhaust chest. Any repairs to cylinder block must be machined back to stock configuration and shape. Carb motors less than 3.1L may be blue printed but port dimension cannot change.
      1. • Compression values based on 12 volt starting. All six shall be checked if deemed necessary. An average of all six will be used to determine adherence to rule. A failed cylinder will be omitted from an average.
      1. • All powerheads must have serial number or unique identification. Any switching of powerheads during the year MUST BE reported and submitted for inspection prior to race day.
      1. • Any OEM single plug head for like motor allowed subject to all compression and/or displacement rules.
      1. • Reed cages must be OEM from like manufacturer.
      1. • Ignition/Injection components must be of the same manufacturer as the engine. Aftermarket replacements for like OEM parts are allowed. Rev limiters may be removed or modified. No slide intakes (ie SVS, DBR Mad EFI) allowed.
      1. • Lightwheels are allowed as long as they function with the original ignition.
    1. • ECU’s cannot be adjustable from inside the boat.
  • Gearcases: Must have forward-neutral-reverse shiftable from the drivers seat. No small gearcases.
  • Midsections: Minimum midsection is 15”.
  • No trim timers.
  • Cowls: After market lightweight cowls allowed, but must look like OEM cowls.


Mercury Outboards

  • 2.5 liter Pro Max/Lazer EFI: 150# max compression, 1525 lbs
  • 3.0 liter Pro Max/Lazer EFI: 130# max compression, 1575 lbs
  • 3.2 liter 300XS: 100# max compression, 1600 lbs
  • 2.5 EFI 260: 140# max compression, 1600 lbs, w/ 1” spacer and light flywheel
  • 2.5 EFI 280: 150# max compression, 1600 lbs

OMC/BRP Motors

    • 3.0 Liter Carb/Ficht: 150# max compression, 1500 lbs
    • 3.3 Liter Ficht/E-Tec: 115# max compression, 1575 lbs
    • 3.4 Liter E-Tec: 115# max compression, 1650 lbs

Other Outboard Equipment not listed such as smaller engines and other manufacturers may be allowed to compete with pre race day inspection and ORC approval.


    • Hulls: Any open cockpit, full interior production hull originally designed and manufactured for seating for 3 adults(center steer with rear seating), or 4 adults (center or side steer with rear seating). All interior as originally manufactured and designed must be in place during racing. Boats originally designed with twin adult seating are allowed under motor rule below.
    • See General Racing Rules for safety guidelines.
    • Engines:
        • V6 Engines only
      1. • Any modifications allowed, but limited to 180# maximum compression
      1. • Shiftable gearcases
      1. • Natural Aspiration only.
      1. • No Nitrous
    1. • 2 seat boat engines must meet Lake Racer rules with 180lbs compression
  • Fuel: Pump or Race gas only. Additives allowed.
  • Minimum Weight: 1500lbs.


    • Any boat allowed
    • See General Racing Rules for safety guidelines
    • Any Motor Allowed
    • Any modifications allowed.
    • Any mid section allowed
    • Small gearcases allowed
    • Pump or race gas only. No additives allowed. No Nitrous.
    • Minimum Weight as follows:
        • V6 motors 2.9 and smaller, 1300lbs
      1. • V6 motors 3.0 and larger, 1375lbs
      1. • V8 motors, 1500lbs
    1. • Engines 2.4L and smaller may run under the rules and weights they compete in normally with pre race day approval and inspection by the ORC.