Lake Racer Inboard:

  • Must be lake legal with current registration, number, and conservation stickers display on boat.
  • No light weight hulls.
  • Boats must have full interior, sidesteering only, and side mounted gas tanks.
  • Boats must have functional wet exhaust that is in operation while racing.
  • No bow-tie or aftermarket blocks or heads.
  • They must be all factory production iron.
  • Cast aluminum intakes are allowed. NO SHEET METAL INTAKE OR TUNNEL RAMS.
  • Single carb 850 or less, no dominator or race carbs.
  • Gas Fuel ONLY. No Nitrous, no blowers, or injection.
  • 480 C.I. Max

Single Carb:

  • Bow-tie and all production-type blocks allowed.
  • Any iron blocks allowed.
  • Any production iron or aluminum heads allowed.
  • No Pontiac, Olds, or Big Chief Heads allowed.
  • Cast aluminum intakes only.
  • No Custom or sheet metal intake.
  • Single carb only allowed.
  • Gas fuel only.
  • No nitrous, no blowers, or injection.

Multiple Carb:

  • Two carburetors allowed.
  • Gas fuel only.
  • No nitrous.
  • No blowers.
  • Injection allowed.
  • Any blocks, any heads, any intakes.

Open Class:

  • Blown gas with nitrous allowed.
  • Any block and intake system allowed.
  • Any fuel allowed.
  • Injection allowed.
  • Turbos allowed.
  • No blown alcohol boats allowed.


  • Must have blown alcohol motor.
  • No blown V bottoms.
  • No fuel boats allowed (nitro-methane).