NIDBA – General Safety Rules for the 2017 Race Season

Drivers in NIDBA sanctioned drag boat races are required to wear specified personal safety equipment and their race boats will be equipped for safety, according to their boat Racing Class assignments, as indicated here. NIDBA Technical Inspectors will examine boat equipment before each season begins and randomly throughout the race season. The presence of personal safety equipment will be verified and each boat will be given a quick visual inspection, before registration will be allowed for each race event NIBDA inspectors may require additional (unlisted) on-board safety equipment at the time of the initial inspection each year, based on the boat style and its anticipated top-end speed.

All Classes: (As applicable)

  • 2005 or newer Snell-rated full face-shield helmet
  • One or two piece driver suits, socks and shoes
  • Race-rated safety lifejackets with leg straps

[Note: Racing lifejackets are manufactured by Security Race Products & Lifeline]

  • Foot throttles and steering wheel mounted trim controls should be in place, to allow both hands to remain on the steering wheel at all times during racing.
  • Accelerator pedals and carburetors should have dual automatic return springs
  • Kill-switch lanyards must be attached to the driver’s lifejacket during racing. Kill-switch operation will be demonstrated to stop motor ignition and to shut-off electric fuel pumps
  • Batteries located in the open-cockpit area should have a “Battery Shutoff” sticker on the appropriate access panel, clearly visible from the outside of the boat
  • All required gear, including added weights for outboards, should be properly secured

Above the Lake Racer Inboard and Outboard Race Classes:

  • Drivers are required to wear helmet restraints or neck collars
  • Ballistic pants must be worn over fire suits (unless it is part of the fire suit)

Single-carb, Multi-carb, Open and Unlimited Inboard Race Classes:

  • A certified parachute jacket is required for open cockpit inboard classes (with 2 year dating)
  • Jet pump boats must all have a ratchet system and a pressure blow off system.
  • All V-drives must have a whorl-a-way system and a safety collar before the rear strut.
  • Blown motors must have blower restraint belts (with 2 year dating).

Full Capsule Boats:

  • Capsules must have a quick-release cable pull on the front side of the capsule and quick-release pins on either side of the latches
  • Capsule must have properly charged breathing air system and be worn during racing
  • ‘T-connector’ air fittings must match the rescue diver’s scuba equipment
  • Capsules must have a 5 point driver safety harness (with 2 year dating)
  • Closed cockpit inboard boat drivers must have a fully charged emergency SCUBA bottle

Note: The NIDBA will accept SFI Cards or Tech Stickers from: Lucas Oil, KDBA, SLDBA or ADBA indicating recent (2 year) capsule and windshield certification.