Are you interested in becoming a member of the Northern Illinois Drag Boat Association?

If so, please review the information in the tabs below:

  • Membership Benefits
  • Code of Conduct
  • Membership Application
  1. Allowed to race at Blarney’s Island
  2. Informed of other regional races
  3. Included in membership meetings:
    • Guest speakers
    • Tech talks
  4. Voting rights
  5. Club event involvement

Northern Illinois Drag Boat Association (NIDBA) – Code of Conduct

The following guidelines apply to all NIDBA members and their guests:

NIDBA Members are encouraged to be positive and open and to always suggest ways for the NIDBA to improve its sanctioned boat racing events and operations. Change Request forms and procedures are available for this purpose.

As a condition to joining, becoming and participating in sanctioned race events as an NIDBA Member, individuals will abide by the following Code of Conduct:

  • All racers are responsible for knowing and adhering to the NIDBA Code of Conduct, General Rules, Racing Class Definitions and Race Event Procedures
  • Members must respect and publicly accept the decisions, definitions, rules and procedures of the NIDBA membership, its officers and committee members
  • Members should recognize the valuable contribution made by NIDBA Officers and Committee Members, who are un-paid volunteers, providing their time and resources for the benefit of all
  • All members should be a positive role model, treating all fellow racers and crew members, officials, hosts, volunteers and fans with the highest level of respect
  • Race Event entries must agree with NIDBA Boat Registrations and ERC ‘Base’ Racing Class Assignments
  • Racers must keep Boat Registration forms and their Base Racing Class Assignments up to date with the Executive Race Committee (ERC).
  • Updated Boat Registrations can be provided to IRC/ORC Chairmen, the Event Chairman or Race Referee, prior to event registration
  • New or Updated Boat Registration forms will be reviewed by NIDBA officials before the Race Registration will be allowed. A follow-up boat Inspection may be required to confirm the participant’s Racing Class Assignment
  • Gentlemanly behavior and appropriate language is to be used at all times
  • Racers and on-board crew members must refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages, before and during race events
  • Clearly evident public intoxication at NIDBA Events is forbidden
  • Members should encourage new racers to join and participate in the sport
  • Members should be aware of and appreciate that everyone has a different set of motivations for participating in the sport of drag boat racing
  • References to NIDBA race events in the social media must always be positive
  • Recommendations for improvements should always be courteously worded and submitted to an Executive Race Committee (ERC) Member or Rules Committee Member on an NIDBA Change Request form, according to procedure.
Please download the NIDBA application for membership here: NIDBA Membership Form
Download the NIDBA registration procedure here: NIDBA Registration Procedures
Download the change request form here: NIDBA-ChangeRequestForm

After you complete the form, please return it with the required $50 membership fee to:

C/O Groth Manufacturing
845 Commerce Parkway
Carpentersville, IL 60110-1721