New Jet Driven Rescue Boat!

New Jet Driven Rescue Boat!

The NIDBA was pleased to acquire this very special boat from the St. Louis Drag Boat Association. To ensure it’s reliability, the NIDBA inspected this boat carefully, and made the necessary repairs and upgrades. Among those were the motor rebuild. It uses a Ford 460 with a dominator jet pump on the back of the boat. You can see a hose with a handle that will allow the jet pump to send water to a fire hose inside the boat. The NIDBA also restored all the seats and the crane that lifts a rescue basket from the water into the boat to get the racer to safety as soon as possible.

The boat will do 50 mph with 5 people in it so there is no time wasted. NIDBA divers and paramedic are on the boat at all times during the race. Also a yellow caution light was added to replace the red caution light in accordance with Illinois state water laws.



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