‘Good As New’ Rescue Crane Boat

‘Good As New’ Rescue Crane Boat

The NIDBA is proud to announce that they have purchased the SLDBA’s crane rescue boat earlier in 2016. This boat was custom designed and built in the 1980’s. There is likely no other boat like it. With the help of some of the members of the NIDBA, it was restored this Summer, and is ready to help retrieve a disabled offshore boat should there be the need.

With a 200 motor, twin 2,500 pound lift winches and port sponson spreads we can hoist up to 5,000 pounds right out of the water, and drive it to shore – right up to it’s trailer.  The spacing between the floats (sponsons) is 70 inches with an additional 45 inch span once opened. This makes this crane boat both extremely capable and versatile for drag boat rescues.

NIDBA member, Bill Gohr, inspected and maintained the motor. John Groth, NIDBA president, replaced repaired the winches along with installing 3 batteries (size 27) for hoisting and a 3 bank charger to keep them charged while not in use. Navigation lights were also installed for safety and as well as regulation compliance. Here in northern Illinois it is often dusk when the races are done, and lights are required.

The NIDBA thanks all members who assisted in the inspection and repair of this unique boat. The NIDBA now has greater capability to keep their members and their property safer.

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